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Passion Portrait: The Sweetest Sound

“Listen to your drum and your drum only. It’s the only one that makes the sweetest sound.”

– Simon Sinek

My dear friend and sister-in-law Adrienne listened to her heart and began drumming when she was 17, had a bit of a pause in early adulthood, and in the last six months, has found her way back to it. She started playing because she was naturally drawn to the drums and impressed by players like Stuart Copeland of the Police.

But what does she appreciate most about it? “I like the meditative state I’m transported to while drumming. I enjoy the physical challenge, and I love playing with other musicians.

Plus, playing the drums is about the only thing I can think of where it’s socially acceptable to hit inanimate objects repeatedly,” she says, jokingly. If that’s not a transportative experience, I’m not sure what is!

Passionately devoted, Adrienne now drums daily. This is her portrait.

Drum Portrait 2

Cider & Black celebrates all times around the table – nourishment, fellowship, creation and play. The table is more than a dinner locale; it is the prime workspace for our jobs and our passions. The Passion Portrait series is an examination of the objects and tools on our tables that bring those passions to life. These are the activities that drive us, teach us and help us grow, wholeheartedly.

Drum parts

Passions start as a piece of a rhythm in your heart. You make them whole by taking action to follow the beat. How appropriate then, to open my photo post series Passion Portrait with the strike of a drum. Thank you, Adrienne!