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I’m Jen, a marketing strategist by trade and a photographer and stylist by passion. Cider & Black is my toast to celebrations around the table. It’s about being present in the moment, being inspired by the colors and complexities we encounter, and being grateful for people to share it with. With the table as the centerpiece, the celebration never ends.

The table is a seemingly ordinary prop in our lives, yet it holds such power. It is central to our daily routines. It forces us, hopefully more than once a day, to sit down, take stock and receive nourishment in communion with the people who fill our lives. I like to drink in these experiences – the settings, seasons, conversations and certainly, the tastes. If I’m lucky, I can also capture one of these moments with my camera.

And there are times when the table isn’t set for a meal. It can be a well-worn workspace, an incubator for a nascent hobby, or even a storage solution. It’s a canvas, really. And the stories our tables tell are as diverse and varied as those who set them.

So welcome to my catalog of stories from the table – stories of color, texture, mystery, creation, wandering and the seasons we all share.

And I’m so pleased to share it with you. I’d love to hear from you:

email me: ciderandblackblog@gmail.com

instagram me: cider_and_black

Thanks for reading, and cheers!


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  1. Jen-
    I enjoyed meeting you and the rest of your friends at the G&G Jubilee. Would you send me the names of the rest of the blogs they write? I wasn’t able to hear over the sound of The Roosevelts and I like to read things written by people similar to me, not corporate shills. Great work here!


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